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About Me

Igor HeifetzMy name is Igor Heifetz and this site is my portfolio, where you can find various projects I am working on. I can offer you a wide selection of multimedia services. No matter what your budget is, I can always find a solution that will be elegant and affordable. My specialty is:

  • Photography
  • Web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine submission, dynamic web site design (or redesign), HTML email design and delivery, and creative services.
  • Graphic Design, business stationery, flyers, posters, business cards, logos, and various presentations.
  • Videography of various kind, promo reels.

I live in Sunny Fort Lauderdale and can travel to any location in South Florida.
Give me a chance and I will prove that you found THE BEST!

I wasn’t always a photographer. My first career was a web and graphic designer at Princeton University where I was handed a Nikon DSLR and asked to take pictures of students, professors and a great landscape of the legendary Ivy League University. And I loved those moments of capturing the true nature of our planet and its inhabitants. In 2017 I moved to Florida and decided to pursue photography as a full-time job and I am loving it. I’m observing and documenting history, traditions, and families. I’m preserving love, laughter, and life.

I am an artist and I always been the one. The only media changed. It was watercolor and pencils when I was in high school and later in college. It moved to the digital drawing and painting on the computer screen using drawing boards. I travel all around the world with my camera securely attached to my wrist all the time trying to capture the essence of our existence.

My dad and meMy dad gave me my very first film camera. I later enroll myself in the youth photo studio training program in our Siberian town back in Russia many years ago.

I love the ability to stop the moment, to freeze the time. I love to get to know people I work with, I love the expression on the people’s faces when they see the final result and to hear the ideas that photoshoot brought to their life. Pure magic!

I like the variety of photographer’s work – I can’t say that I am one and only type of photographer. I love real estate work, portraits, products photography, and events. Each genre has it’s own tricks and it is so much fun to be evolving and see new and unusual angles opportunities in each setting.

I did a lot of documentary shots in the University environment, corporate portrait shoots, landscape, and architectural work. Lately, I am doing a lot of family events, visual stories for Facebook and Instagram.

I love the ocean and boats and with 300+ miles of inland waterways and 50,000 registered yachts, Fort Lauderdale has often dubbed “the Yachting Capital of the World.” Can you imagine a better setting for the photoshoot?

I am not ambitious and never participated in any competition so far. Maybe later with the photo, we are going to take together?

I was born and lived in Siberia all my school years. It was Norilsk – the world’s northernmost city with more than 100,000 inhabitants inside the Arctic Circle. And I hate cold weather 🙂