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About Us

Igor Heifetz

Principal Photographer

My dad gave me my very first film camera. I later enrolled myself in the youth photo studio training program many years ago. I love the ability to stop the moment, to freeze the time. I love to get to know people I work with, I love the expression on the people’s faces when they see the final result and hear the ideas that photoshoots brought to their lives. Pure magic!

Established in 2017, Heifetz Multimedia comprises a group of highly skilled professional videographers and photographers in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have the most magical and fulfilling job in the world providing commercial product photography services. Our primary concern has always been our customers’ satisfaction. We use the best video and photo equipment to fulfill your every expectation!



Our Team

Meet the talented crew
Alex Livshits

Alex Livshits

Lead Photographer

Meet Alex, a photographer who has been capturing the beauty of the world for over 20 years. Alex’s passion for photography began when he was just a child, and he has been honing his craft ever since. He loves to travel and explore new places, always with his camera by his side. Alex’s work has been featured in numerous publications and galleries around the world. His unique perspective and eye for detail make his photos truly special. When he’s not behind the lens, Alex enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hiking, and reading about new photography techniques.

Danny Bostichko

Danny Bostichko

Lead Videographer

A creative and resourceful filmmaker inspired by the beauty of life. Danny is an innovative director, editor, and producer with 7 years of experience. He has filmed a variety of projects and is eager to explore his craft even further. When he is not shooting videos Danny enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his beloved labrador Ron, reading, and watching Netflix. He believes that filmmaking is not just a hobby or a job, but a way of life.

Anna Veselkova

Anna Veselkova

Web Developer / Graphic Designer

Hi! I am Anna, a web/graphic designer focused on crafting great web experiences. Designing and coding have been my passion since the days I started working with computers but I found myself in web design/development since 2007. I enjoy creating beautifully designed, intuitive, and functional websites.
For over the past 8 years, I have worked for some of the best digital agencies and wonderful clients to create some award-winning works. And, I can make this happen for your business as well.

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