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Model Photography

A professional model portfolio can help you secure a modeling agent, book modeling work, and achieve your career goals. Aspiring models use portfolio books to gain representation from modeling agencies, display examples of their work to potential clients, and build their modeling careers. Though you might initially be able to get away with having a friend take photographs for your portfolio, you’ll want a professional to achieve the best shots.

How to Build a Model Portfolio

  1. Determine which specific type of modeling you prefer and are best suited for, as many of them have their own preferred model specifications. For example, a live model working at trade shows will have to look positive and approachable, aside from being physically attractive.
  2. Include your statistics. Your statistics include your modeling measurements such as your height, shoe size, and waist size.
  3. Choose your best shots; lackluster photos should not be in a portfolio.
  4. Update your portfolio images regularly.
  5. Try to include full-body shots as well as face/beauty shots.
  6. Decide on a theme and purpose.
  7. Get digital copies of all your model photo shots.

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