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Professional Headshots

Your website, conference photo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts form your online image. Having your portrait exerts professionalism, confidence, and integrity is crucial. We work with individuals and teams to create the most professional look for personal branding. Inspire other professionals to meet and work with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a headshot professional?

The characteristics of a good headshot include: Your face is in clear lighting that doesn’t cast heavy shadows. Your clothing, hair and any makeup or jewelry are professional and not distracting. You appear friendly and experienced.

Are professional headshots worth it?

A good headshot can make all the difference in whether or not you land that dream job or client. While hiring a professional photographer to take your headshot may seem like an unnecessary expense, the truth is that it’s worth every penny.

What do I wear for the shoot?

Color might influence the way people respond to your photo, so it’s beneficial to choose your colors carefully. Simple, neutral tones might be best for professionals who want a minimalistic look in their headshots. Darker neutrals like brown, black, and navy are typically appropriate, as studio lights sometimes obscure light colors.

Bright, bold colors can be a way to capture people’s attention, especially in creative industries. You could also research which colors might compliment your skin, hair, and eyes on camera to ensure you look lively and alert in your headshot.

Solid is best, Black, Blue, Grey, White, and even Red. Ties, at least 2 to 3 to make sure it works well. Shirt collars should be clean and crisp. Layers are good, a jacket over a sweater, shirt or blouse. Even a fun jacket can work. Try to avoid busy patterns or tops with big shoulders and or a lot of fabric.

What should I do about hair and make-up?

Stay True to Yourself. It’s often tempting to go glam for your headshots. While you can certainly use these photos as an excuse to splurge on an afternoon with your hairstylist, try not to succumb to the temptation to change your look drastically.

Plan Ahead. Depending on the look you’d like to present, give yourself the option to schedule a facial, shape your brows, or have your hair trimmed or hair color touched up. None of these steps are mandatory, or even necessarily recommended, but if you feel that they’re necessary, you’ll want to give yourself time to schedule.

Simplify Your Makeup. While you want to keep your makeup application as close as possible to your everyday appearance, there are some exceptions to make a note of. Certain types of makeup applications are particularly unflattering in headshots, even though they might look good in person. If you can hire a professional to do your makeup before the shoot, this is ideal. Make sure to tell your makeup artist that you need an application suited to studio lighting if you’re having your headshot taken indoors.

Style Your Hair Professionally. When it comes to styling your hair, you should choose a look that’s consistent with what you would present in the workplace. Think about how you typically do your hair for a job interview, important meeting, or workplace presentation. These are the types of looks you want to go for.

Should you smile in a headshot?

Yes, you can smile in a professional headshot. However, really, there are no rules. It really depends on the purpose of the photo and the energy, or vibe, that you want to convey. Research suggests that smiling increases attractiveness compared to a non‐smiling neutral expression. The study also found smiling subjects are attributed to greater degrees of sincerity, sociability, and competence.

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