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Product Photography

Product Photography on White Background

5 Reasons You Need Them For E-commerce Promotion

  • A white background creates a high-energy, happy, and distraction-free scene, perfect for pictures of your friends and family.
  • A white background makes your products pop and offers more versatility for all marketing channels.
  • A white background is easier to edit and upgrade from white product photos to color.
  • A white background eliminates all distractions and focuses the viewer’s attention on your subject.
  • A white background provides a neutral base for post-processing and enhances the overall aesthetic of the photo.

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle photography shows your products being used in an artistic manner by your target market in their natural state. Also referred to as candid shots, this style of e-commerce photography helps online shoppers see your products used in a model’s day-to-day life.

Lifestyle product photography, or in-context product photography, is a great way to showcase your brand identity and inspire your potential customer to imagine the lifestyle they can achieve with your awesome product. Don’t you agree? By adding high-quality, thoughtful lifestyle product photography for e-commerce to your clean, functional product photography, you can elevate the appearance of your site or selling platform and increase sales.

Product Photography With a Model

When selling a product, it is necessary to take photographs of the product so that your customers understand what it is they are buying. Companies can often take this up a notch by actually showing models in the photographs to display the different uses of a product and features.

  • Hand Model Photography photos – typically only show the model’s hands, and the model usually showcases how to use or handle the products.
  • Blurred Model Photography photos – since the entire model is blurred, the focus stays on the product which the model is handling.
  • Model Photography photos – a type of creative photo where the entire model is included.

Product Videos

Product videos for marketing are essential to selling products. They increase understanding, which helps with conversions and sales. Just look at the facts: 94% of marketers admit that video has helped improve user understanding of a product or service they sell, according to Hubspot.

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